what influence the quality of designs

So, what influence the quality of designs and what mistakes are most often made when working with a designer?

1. A portfolio with designs that have other perception tasks.

In performance advertising each playset has its own perception tasks. A designer must know the specifics of the site and its requirements.

Because of online education, there are a lot of specialists without the basic knowledge of design. They create it fast, use mobile editors and do not understand design requirements, like intervals between texts; space, which compositionally cannot be occupied; adaptability to a small format, combination with a snippet, etc.

Another peculiarity of the market - young designers more often choose fashionable trends like UX and UI-design For example, banner ads are treated as uninteresting technical work. Hence the lack of experience, and lack of work samples in the portfolio for the targeted result. Such a designer would make a beautiful ad, but will not work in a given playset.

2. incomplete TOR without brand awareness objectives.

Your job is to make the ToR as clear as possible, with references, pleasant specifics of, etc. The designer's job is to package it nicely.

Advertising design also performs the function of branding - you need to use a logo, slogans, brand name, branded fonts and illustrations. A year of doing advertising with the mention of the brand - and the market remembers you. Designer may not be aware of this, so needs a clear instruction.

3. Experience of dumb sizes for Google Ads.

The designer is not familiar with the peculiarities of placements or does not always understand that working with banner ads is first and foremost advertising for Google Ads, including its sizes and types.

For example:

  • you have no control over where you place it;
  • the banner needs to stand out from its surroundings;
  • you need to fit all the information about the product, a lot of text and illustrations into one ad;
  • the banner must attract attention constantly - because of this we use animation throughout the video.

With Facebook, advertising looks as native as possible and fits into a specific playset, has a soundtrack, and it makes sense to attract the viewer's attention for only for 1-3 seconds. Hence the cardinally different requirements for animation.

4. Illiterate TOR, where the designer is given the wrong framework.

As a very narrow "I want a field, a worker, two phrases and a blue button," and very broad "make us something nice about farmer".

Production is a long process, which is often simplified: they ask the designer to generate ideas on their own and spend large sums of money. That leads to deviation from a good wanted result. A clear ToR with specific text and tasks solves this problem.

Hope that helps!

Good Luck.